Here is a J5 Wright powered 1928 Stearman C3B starting its engine. The video was shot with a Flip HD (3rd Gen) mounted on my Sanken CSS-5 microphone boom pole. This is the complete video with the CSS-5 audio recorded at 24/96. This plane was not flying during the show but at the end of the day I was able to meet the owner and his friends (it takes more then one person to get these planes started). They were gettingready to fly home as I walked by after recording at the north end of the airport. I asked the pilot if I could record it and he said only if you give me the sound for my cell ringtone. “Deal” I told him. After theyrolled it out and charged the starter she was running. He ran the engine at different RPMs until I gave him the thumbs up that I recorded enough for his ringtone. I then walked along side the plane while it headedfor the runway. I was able to move down field and record the plane taking off and passing by.